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Orecho Honda


現在「見方次第で世界の色は変えられる」というテーマに向き合い “輝き” を表現の軸に据え、ホログラム素材を用いた絵画を制作。


My concept is “The key for going beyond yourself”, and I'm working as an artist with put up the word Orecho(Japanese means are feel like Ore=yourself, cho=go beyond) that's my coinage.
And I use thoughts, words, and fragments of fantasy as the subject matter of my pieces, they are the things that have led me to personal growth.

Currently, I am facing the theme of "We can change the color of the world depending on how we look at it.”, and I create painting with "glitter" at the core of my expression, using holographic materials.

I feel that much information is multifaceted and it is possible to determine the color of the world by choosing which aspects to use.
What color world would you choose and want to live? It may be the small choices we make every moment that determine it.


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